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Embassy security in the Hague

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Embassy security in the Hague

The Hague is the Dutch Governmental capital. Dutch Ministries, the International Criminal Court, and the majority of the embassies and consulates are settled in The Hague. Cooperating with the Dutch government, many embassies attract both short-term visitors and expatriates (and their families) who work and live in the city for a longer period. Also, when a controversial person is being tried for crimes during a war, genocide, or aggressive crimes against humanity, the news will be covered by media teams from all over the world. The requirements for embassy security and close protection of diplomats, ambassadors, consuls, etc. are as high as diverse. A professional protection agency understands that government-related security requires specific knowledge and experience.

Discover how you can benefit from our specialized services to keep you, your family, and your assets safe.

Do you need embassy security?

In general, The Hague is a very safe city to work and live in and go to school. Expatriates and their families tend to find their way around quite easily to get acquainted with the city once they have settled.

Getting accustomed to the Dutch way of living is essentially not that difficult, yet it depends on the level of your profile and your goals. A high-profile chairperson for an NGO or multinational has other needs than an ambassador and his/her family have. Aspects that influence the type of protection requirements include country of origin, religion, wealth, etc.

Who do we protect?

Infinite Risks is a Dutch-based security company with experience in serving clients from all over the world. We help people who operate with commercial, private, or governmental objectives in mind. Our staff consists of licensed agents (former government), who speak multiple languages and are trained in advanced driving, counter-surveillance and medical skills.

For privacy purposes, we cannot mention any personal names, but our clients include:

  • C-Suite level executives
  • Ambassadors, consulates, diplomats and their families
  • Celebrities
  • Ultra high-net-worth individuals
  • Media teams

Embassy security services

For our clients, we assess their situation before we determine and discuss the approach. Experience shows that a custumized protection plan is the only way to keep you and your staff or family truly safe. A customized approach may include one or more of the below-mentioned services:

  • Close protection services for your personal safety.
  • Secure transportation may not only include a skilled protection officer with extensive driving skills, but also an armored vehicle.
  • Uniformed static security can be applied to keep work locations (embassies and consulates) and private residences safe.
  • Family security is the service that plans for keeping all family members safe.
  • Risk assessment is the analysis phase to provide you with information about your risks in the Hague.
  • Security audits can determine what measures and equipment are necessary to keep offices, houses, vehicles, and staff members safe.
  • We offer specific training for you and your family to get accustomed to working and living in the Hague and understand your possible threats. It will enhance your awareness and train you to be self-protective and self-defensive.
  • Special event security for your exclusive events.

High-quality diplomatic protection

With our international experience, we understand that working discreetly is of the essence. We are here to serve and protect you so that you can feel safe and comfortable at the same time.

We invite you to get to know us and our embassy security services and welcome you to contact us at your earliest convenience.