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Integrity investigation

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Integrity investigation is a form of research into a person's present behavior and/or past. We figure out whether you can trust someone, whether he or she is honest about his or her actions, and what circles this person revolves in.

An investigation into someone’s integrity is extensive and can be essential to various situations. We help you not only to solve problems but rather to prevent them.

Preventive investigations

In preventive research, you assign us to check out a person’s integrity. For example, because you want to hire someone, consider promoting an employee, grant a mortgage, or do business with someone you do not know very well. Investing in a brief investigation beforehand will save you from a possible problem afterward and limit the damage.

We approach an integrity investigation step by step. After a meeting with you, we make an extensive analysis and risk inventory. We advise you on how to proceed, after which we start to work for you. Naturally, we operate very discretely and, if necessary, the person in question will not notice the investigation.

Investigation after violation of integrity

If you are faced with a breach of trust or have received a report, you probably already find yourself in a situation that requires clarification. Forms of integrity violations or employee misconduct can occur in business and also social environments such as sports clubs and voluntary organizations.

Examples include:

  • intimidation and threats
  • theft of goods
  • sexual harassment or abuse
  • ‘leaking’ or passing on disclosed, secret, or confidential information
  • abusing, smuggling, and dealing drugs
  • withholding (corporate) information
  • providing unauthorized access to restricted areas
  • carrying out ancillary work, extra duties, or working for a competitor

The start of reactive investigation is the same as preventive research. However, the course may differ due to the number of steps and the methods required to determine the facts. Think of following people, mapping living patterns, conducting interviews, etc.

Training integrity investigation

If you require checking people’s integrity often within your organization, we can train your staff to conduct preventive checks themselves. We can also help you draw up a code or house rules and an integrity declaration for new employees to sign. Please feel free to ask about the options.

Further information

Especially for reactive investigations (to solve problems), we have access to the dark web, systems and documents that you cannot. With years of experience in keeping people, assets and reputations safe, we know how to conduct and analyze risks. With results.

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