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Diplomatic security in the Netherlands

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Diplomatic security in the Netherlands for embassies and consulates

The Hague is a place where many services are required for diplomatic security. Despite the fact that the Hague is not the Dutch capital, it does function as a focal point for diplomacy and justice. For one, the Dutch parliament houses here, as well as the embassies and consulates of more than 170 countries in the world. Another factor to consider is the International Criminal Court, established in 2002.

Diplomatic security consists of a wide variety of services to keep politicians (both Dutch and foreign), ambassadors, consuls, and honorary consuls safe. Protection services include: (covert) close protection but also secure transportation and uniformed static security officers guarding an embassy or residence can be considered.

Specialist security for diplomats

Democracy in the Dutch Kingdom provides a prosperous economy and a socially stable society. Facilities such as public transport, medical services, and commercial services are well-developed. Also, social services have a high standard. The Dutch consider themselves as being open-minded and friendly, yet somewhat blunt. Most of the citizens speak English.

Having said that, the Netherlands is a safe country to work and live in and to travel through. However, the world has become a small place. Even the Dutch face challenges concerning beliefs, religion, social and economic inequality, and, of late, a worldwide pandemic. As a diplomat, you may run an increased risk of an assault, betrayal, extortion or threats, especially if your home country faces issues concerning, for instance, religion, corruption, poverty, and human rights. It may attract fundamentalists who aim to harm you or your family.

Diplomatic security services

The services to safeguard embassies, consulates and residences include:

  • Close protection services. This may apply to the diplomat himself or herself while covert protection is often chosen for family members.
  • Security chauffeurs to bring diplomats and their family members to and from work, business travel, leisure travel, school, etc.
  • Medical support such as First Aid and CPR is a skill any protection officer has. Other specific medical requirements you or your family members may have can certainly be met.
  • Uniformed static security services may apply to the work environment, such as the embassy or consulate buildings as well as buildings where staff and family members reside. Think of schools and residences.
  • Special event security for small and medium sized events.
  • Family security is a service that focusses on all the diplomat’s family members. When making a combined risk inventory, the individual protection requirements can be tuned for optimal privacy and comfort. This may include training to securely find your own way around the Hague and the Netherlands.
  • Security audits render pragmatic insights into the requirements for security measures and equipment.
  • Travel risk management & training provides diplomats and their families the knowledge and ability to travel around the world. This service may include advice or personal protection to accompany you during your travels.
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), also known as bug sweeps.

Diplomat protection is a specialization

Infinite Risks is a professional, internationally operating security company. We are based and licensed in the Netherlands. With our experience in providing diplomatic security services to a wide range of clients all over the world, we understand the current issues that impact each individual. Borders do not stop threats. Our protection officers have up-to-date information, enabling them to work on minimizing any threat and safeguard you in the case of an emergency.

Our staff is former military and/or police, educated, trained, and experienced in intelligence, counter-terrorism, surveillance, medical (trauma) and life-saving skills. Clients took them to work in both the Western countries as well as in remote, dangerous areas, including conflict zones.

Prepare well. Ask for further information

If your mission is to work and reside in the Netherlands, and you would like to know how we assess your risks, train your staff or provide any other protection service? Please feel free to contact us.