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Concerned about your safety? Hire a security company in Amsterdam

If your safety in Amsterdam is a concern to you, this is the article to read. Discover in which ways a security company in Amsterdam can assist you in keeping yourself, your family, and your assets safe.

First and foremost, the purpose of your stay in Amsterdam should be considered. Your goal is the leading objective of any professional security company to assess the potential threats and to advise you about and assist you with protection services. We can certainly help you if your goal is mentioned below.

  • As an expatriate, you have been assigned to work in or around Amsterdam for a certain period of time. We customize our services based on your requirements. For instance, we apply a different approach when you will be living in The Netherlands as an individual as opposed to when your family will accompany you. Also, Amsterdam may be the operating base for your work activities in a greater area, e.g., Europe. In that case, travel assistance may be included.
  • Performing artists find a huge fan base in the Netherlands and neighboring countries. The Western culture and dense population of this area make Amsterdam an attractive city to perform. Concerts and shows require a dexterous operation, and security for you and your staff is one of the major elements.
  • Politicians and diplomats visit the Netherlands (both Amsterdam and the Hague) frequently for discussions with the Dutch Prime-Minister, Ministers, State Secretaries, and other members of parliament. Also, the staff of many embassies in the world meets each other in the Dutch capital or the governmental city.
  • For business leaders, CEOs, and chairmen, Amsterdam is a central hub to meet with business partners from all over Europe. Sometimes in the spotlight, on other occasions, it is necessary to keep a low profile.
  • Aside from doing business in one of the largest business cities in North-Western Europe, Amsterdam attracts many visitors who belong to the wealthier class (UHNWI) for leisure purposes. A lively city where luxury brands have flagship stores, high-class hotels, and activities such as attending exclusive shows and yachting.

Despite the differing goals, the shared needs of the groups indicated above are quite similar: finding your way around Amsterdam, making reservations for (altered) itineraries, seeking trusted companies for safe transportation, keeping safe in crowds, and keeping a low profile when required.

How safe is Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is considered to be a safe city. Both for citizens and visitors. As in any major metropolis, as a general tourist or visitor, the prevailing safety measures apply, avoiding you from being mugged or assaulted. Otherwise, your primary concern could be to avoid crowds, keep a low profile, learning to assess your personal safety in the city, book safe travel and hotel accommodations anonymously, and get you settled in.

Protective services include:

Security company in Amsterdam with international experience

If you find that your requirements have not been mentioned in this article, that does not mean that Infinite Risks cannot help you. We work for clients from all over the world, both in our home city Amsterdam and abroad.

Our international experience allows us to offer you perfectly matching assistance. Not only do we know how things work in Amsterdam, but we also understand your culture and your customs. We can advise you on how to proceed with your plans to the greatest detail and keep you from making mistakes or accidentally putting yourself or your loved ones in danger.

If you are interested to learn more about our protection services in Amsterdam, please reach out to us today.