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Background screening

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The difference between background screening and employment testing is noticeable. Yet, the reason for screening before hiring a person or test someone already employed is the same: trust.

Your staff touches the heart of your organization. The greater the employee responsibility, the greater the risk you take if you are not sure you can trust someone.

Clearly, you check what online activities you can find out about the applicant. But can you also check the projected life against reality? Does your potential employee have exactly the management experience he claims? An internal promotion can also be a reason to screen a person. For example, when an employee has to deal with substantially large budgets, joins a department with less supervision or moves to a branch abroad.

There is no need to be secretive about a staff screening. The assurance that your trust is in good hands will give you peace of mind.

Discreet approach according to legislation

In our approach, we strictly observe the privacy legislation. We treat all information and persons involved with the utmost discretion and use a transparent and fair method. We can help you with:

  • Defining the legitimate reason for a background screening
  • Describing exactly what the investigation will entail and what methods will be used (online survey, interview, background check, reference check, etc.)
  • Carry out the background screening
  • Act as a contact person or a mediator between you and your staff if necessary
  • Advice and reporting

Outsourcing of background screening offers advantages

A pre-employment background screening sends a signal to an applicant and says something about your commitment to and respect for your current staff. You are prepared to invest in finding reliable and honest people who fit in with your team. The eye of an external advisor, our advice, and precautionary measures limit the risk of misplaced trust.

We are happy to help you minimize staffing risks. Contact us today if you are interested in a free consultation or have any questions about background screening services.



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