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Blackmail investigation

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An early stage blackmail investigation prevents long-term problems. Blackmail or extortion can be a consequence of threatening behavior, but it can also occur as an isolated felony. We distinguish two types of (emotional) blackmail:

Blackmail or extortion regarding safety, i.e., demanding money, information, or action in exchange for the safety of yourself, your property, or someone close to you.
Blackmail or extortion regarding information, i.e., not disclosing information about you or someone close to you in exchange for goods, money or a service.

Blackmail examples include:

  • Offering unsolicited protection for a fee.
  • Disclosing information about you or your organization and refusing payments or supplying goods to a wealthy person or someone who has a successful business. This type of blackmail generally hinders business progress.
  • Blackmailing an organization to damage its image its image or threaten with violence are forms that can be directed at an individual or the entire organization.
  • Blackmailing companies after hacking or preventing becoming hacked or infiltrated (systems or websites), also referred to as cyber blackmail.
  • Inciting a certain unwanted or unethical action in return for personal safety or disclosure of confidential information.

In all cases, extortion is illegal, but sometimes it is difficult to gather sufficient evidence against your blackmailer to stop the criminal behavior. We can help.

Discreet blackmail investigation

Because extortion often goes hand in hand with shame, disclosed or secretive information, and generally considered immoral activities, the step to ask for help is huge. Infinite Risks treats all blackmail cases with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Whether people seek our help for personal protection or detective work during an investigation into their extortionists.

The possible steps of a blackmail investigation into an extortion case:

  • First, we interview you at a time and place convenient to you. Others do not need to know about our meeting. We ask goal-oriented questions to gather as much information as possible beforehand.
  • We will assess your situation from a distance. In other words, we will investigate all facets: reason for the extortion, the people involved and their lifestyles, online activities, etc.
  • Based on the outcome, we will advise you on the possibilities and risks.
  • Together we discuss the next steps. You can think of further investigation to gather conclusive evidence, close protection services and a possible confrontation with your blackmailer.

Every situation is different, including your blackmail case. Therefore, we may skip some steps, our investigation may cover a more extended period or steps may require repetition.

Our people have supported private individuals, families, and companies all over the world in the field of security in the broadest sense. Because our comprehensive preparation (risk analysis) enables us to carry out our services in a result-oriented way, we have become very adept at investigative work.

Benefit from our experience and drive to get you out of an unsafe situation. Contact us directly to start a blackmail investigation or to find out what we can do for you.



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