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Armored car with security driver increases your safety in public

Is your situation so threatening that you fear for your safety when you are on the road? Then you may be looking for a professional organization that can provide for your safety with an armored car with security driver when you need to travel.

It is true. Most attacks or violence threats (such as kidnap, robbery, or an assassination attempt) actually live up to occurring on the streets. Possibly when victims are on their way home from work or an appointment. Going into hiding permanently is not an option for threatened people because blackmail, intimidation or being harassed often last for extended periods of time.

Are you being threatened, and do you want to know how we can keep you safe at home, at work, and especially when you need to get around? Then, keep reading this article and discover how we can help.

Types of bulletproof and blast resistant cars

Infinite Risks can provide different types of armored vehicles. We typically deploy VR4 or VR6 armor in Europe, depending on the threat. These codes represent the severity of protection against ballistic bullets. VR4 primarily represents the impact of bullets from handguns and VR6 offers heavier protection against high-power rifles. We do provide armored vehicles up to level VR9.

Driving an armored car requires special training and skills from a driver. All of our security drivers are extensively trained in driving skills. As a result, they possess the skills and perseverance to operate safely and effectively under threatening conditions.

We distinguish between protective driving skills and defensive driving skills. Protective driving means determining the correct route and time based on intelligence before the trip. Of course, we continuously monitor the risks so that we can adjust a preconceived driving route or plan instantly. Think of your armored vehicle as a mobile safehouse. In extremely threatening situations, your driver knows how to escape from a plight with defensive driving.

All drivers who qualify for this service have been trained at specialized government agencies. Think of specialized police and defense units. In addition, they are certified to work as private executive chauffeurs and personal bodyguards/ EP agents. This means they can keep you safe outside the vehicle as well.

Armored car security service as a total package

It is our experience that when you are looking for armored car security, it is really never just about an armored vehicle with a driver. You probably already have security or are looking for bodyguard services for yourself and your loved ones. The solution to security lies primarily in the connection of several sequential measures.

Consider the combination of an armored car with personal protection tailored to your needs. Moreover, a service that fits your situation always requires a comprehensive risk assessment and that is precisely Infinite Risk’s strong suit.

Armored transportation combines flawlessly with:

  • Security drivers 
  • Luxury transportation and a personal assistant, where we keep you safe and take care of tasks such as booking reservations, making appointments, running an errand, catering, etc. This way, you can focus on your work or personal life.
  • Personal protection in the form of visible bodyguards or covert protection. In either case, we try to affect your life as little as possible during low-risk days. Should the threat increase or proliferate, we take control and scale up immediately.
  • Family protection offers a solution for your entire family. With serious threats, you as a person are not the only victim, but your family or employees are also subject. This service includes keeping people, offices and (vacation) homes safe.

More information about us

We can offer you an armored car with security driver and any additional services for short and extended periods of time. We understand that threats significantly impact your working and personal life. Would you like advice or a risk assessment? Or would you like to know more about our personalized approach? We welcome you to contact us for more information. We look forward to helping you.