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Private detective in the Netherlands with an international perspective

The Netherlands is a very internationally oriented country. For instance, Amsterdam and other major cities are home to headquarters of listed multinationals, and exporting companies sell chemicals, food, flowers, machines and services throughout the world. However, international contacts are not limited to trade. They can also be found in the education industry. Each year, more and more students from abroad find a place at one of the universities offering English-spoken schooling. Aside from that, we host the International Criminal Court in The Hague and many migrant workers are welcomed to fill the abundance of job vacancies. Finding the right private detective in the Netherlands might look challenging, but is it?

Internationalization is a subject many European countries have to deal with. It requires us to actively adapt to a changing community, which is not always easy. Governments, companies, employers, school boards and police units are among the groups to encounter issues every day.

These issues range from positive influences, where we have the opportunity to learn from other cultures, to highly adverse circumstances, where fraud and crime play a role.

We want to tackle precisely these negative influences, keeping every student or worker safe and every business up and running. A private detective in the Netherlands with an international perspective is who you can call in to help you do that.

Example situations for hiring a detective in the Netherlands

Are you an internationally operating company or private individual living in the Netherlands who requires help regarding investigation services? We can help you with issues such as:

Corporate Investigations | Due diligence & fraud

Sometimes, your gut feeling indicates that you need reassurance before going into business with someone or a company. If you want to find out whether a new business partner is trustworthy or if you have issues with a pending business partner, we can investigate the matter for you. To get quick results or obtain a breakthrough in fraud cases, we assist law firms, insurance companies, and judicial offices.

Private investigations | Adultery, finding missing persons or stalking

For private investigations, we can help retrieve valuables, uncover a stalker, look into criminal activities of family members or act as your divorce private detective to gather proof of your partner’s adultery. Also, when police units lack time investigating missing person’s cases, we can step in.

Blackmail or extortion investigation

Threats, blackmail and extortion are growing ways for criminals to obtain money. However, in drug-related criminality, blackmail and extortion are ways to ‘get things done’. Unfortunately, this applies to vulnerable young people using social media more often nowadays. We can help you stop this terrorization.

Cyber or digital investigations

An online presence inspection of your business relations or prospective supplier uncovers any issues that could impact your company or relationship. We uncover details from open sources, but we can also obtain access to files and documents people generally do not have. Alternatively, we can also test the tightness of your own digital systems. We call this penetration testing. It is a service that uncovers any leaks or breaches and provides insight into the security status of your operations.

(Pre-)employment screening

If you want to make sure a prospective employee is a right fit or whether you need proof of a current employee slacking or committing fraud, call in our services specialized for employment or integrity investigations.

Our experience as a private detective agency

We employ former police and military detectives who have experience operating internationally. Our team includes male and female detectives.

The situations described above are only examples. Our services are always customized to your needs and requirements. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need a private detective in the Netherlands, especially if you are in dire straits. We are here to help you.