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Bug sweeping services

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Part of our overall security services is to help people who (suspect they) are being eavesdropped. In such cases, we check to see if we can find any monitoring devices. Sometimes eavesdropping or tapping, physical or digital, leads to threats, extortion or stalking. We want to prevent this. Our bug sweeping services are performed by our TSCM (technical surveillance counter measures) specialists.

Clues or suspicion

If you have indications or suspect that you are being tapped or eavesdropped, we will investigate all possible eavesdropping and bugging methods. People who claim that you can hear digital or analog tapping are often contradicted by experts. In reality, little evidence is found for it. The reason people suspect to be listened in on is because confidential information becomes public in an unfamiliar way or comes back to them via other channels.

Mobile phones
The chance that your mobile phone is tapped via publicly available apps and applications is nil because commercial companies are lawfully forbidden to do so. A renowned organization will probably not waste its reputation by tapping. The government also taps very rarely and only gets permission from the legal courts under specific circumstances. However, if there has been physical access to, for example, a mobile phone, it is possible that spyware has been installed.

Bugs, software and (GPS) monitoring devices
The only way to remotely listen in on someone is by installing bugs, software (malware and spyware), and bugging devices. Of course, eavesdropping is also possible, for example, as a 'courier' or ‘representative’, who infiltrates your organization.

How we detect monitoring devices with our bug sweeping services

People can be uncovered by surveillance, and with technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) or detection equipment, we can track down hidden devices (audio/video bugs, GPS trackers, etc.) or software. The methods include:

  • Radiofrequency search and analog transmitter search
  • Electronic investigation of office, boardroom, home and cars for microphones, recorders, and transmitters (walls, floors, furniture, and objects)
  • Physical examination of your premises (air conditioning systems, heat pipes, ventilation systems, and sewers) to check for places where people can hide
  • Investigate your physical security staff for unauthorized access to eavesdrop or place equipment
  • Covert surveillance to keep an eye on suspicious persons
  • Research with a wireless or thermal camera
  • Testing internal cable systems (mains, telephone system, etc.)
  • Technical surveillance counter measures on wifi and fixed telephone lines
  • Technical surveillance counter measures on malware and spyware on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

An investigation offers you certainty. Tell us about your situation, and we will inform you how bug sweeping services can work out for you. Feel free to ask about the options.



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