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Digital forensic investigation

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Increasing digitalization makes our lives easier, but it also makes us vulnerable. Cybersecurity is a priority for both private and business users. More and more devices and applications are connected to the internet. This offers increased opportunities for crime and fraud. The practice has shown that this is exploited to the full. By means of a digital forensic investigation you are able collect and transfer evidence from possible perpetrators to law enforcement or insurance companies.

Our digital forensic investigation service is growing. tracking down perpetrators yourself and collecting evidence to report to the police or insurance companies is very challenging. Infinite Risks uses not only known public sources for research but also sources that are difficult to obtain or not accessible for most people. Think of blacklists and the dark web. We also use specialized applications.

  • Internet research (OSINT)
  • Investigation of digital devices and computer systems (Mobile phones, laptops, navigation systems, etc.)
  • Data and image tracking
  • Data and image analysis
  • Recovering of files and information
  • Tracing people and IP-addresses
  • Digital investigation of persons and organizations

Cybercrime en digital fraud investigation examples

Cybercrime and internet fraud are broad concepts. These are a number of examples we can help you with:

  • Procurement fraud (ordering goods online that are not delivered)
  • Hacking (illegally forcing access to devices connected to the internet and computer systems)
  • Ransomware, malware, DDoS attacks, and viruses
  • Online bullying, threatening, and extortion
  • Digital theft (identity, information, money)

Preventive and reactive investigation

We can help you at various stages. To arm you against crime and fraud, we can conduct preventive research. Think of checking the reputation of persons and organizations (screening social media, news, reviews, blacklists, etc.), due diligence (identity, creditworthiness, reliability, etc.), red teaming or penetration testing (how secure is your cybersecurity), and staff screening.

With reactive research, we aim to determine who the fraudulent or criminal perpetrator is, the risks, or the best steps to achieve a solution. In addition, we help you collect evidence for police reports, insurance, or a direct confrontation.

Further information on digital forensic investigation

Digital investigation is becoming an increasingly significant part of our services. Infinite Risks works with experienced computer forensics investigators. In addition, we can count on a network of specialist services that contribute to our results with the most advanced techniques.

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