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Executive protection training

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An executive protection officer is not the same as a security guard or a door supervisor who looks after the security in a shop, bar or public spaces. The main difference in education between a security guard and an executive protection officer (bodyguard) lies in recognizing and acting to specific threats in accordance with the possible risks. The executive protection officer is a specialist in recognizing, evaluating and managing personal safety risks. These skills are therefore trained separately in the executive protection training.

Extend your knowledge about personal security

Basic training for a personal protection officer or bodyguard (SVPB) prepares you for working in the Netherlands. You learn the basics about actual practice and the law so that you can work unarmed in our country.

During our advanced executive protection training, we go far beyond the SVPB exam requirements. We shift the focus from the Netherlands to working with international clients. That greatly increases the possible risks. Think of the influences other cultures, political systems, climates, and economic opportunities can have on your clients. We cannot cover all these factors in one course, but you can learn how to investigate, analyze, evaluate, and apply them. That is exactly what his advanced program is about. We aim to make you a proactive specialist with the right mindset.

Executive protection training goals

To get you used to the international clients you may be protecting in the future, this training is given entirely in the English language by our Dutch instructors. The training consists of the following topics:

  • How to become an international executive protection officer and how to maintain your position
  • Different types of personal protection in the private sector
  • Requirements for executive protection in the private sector
  • Etiquette and manners
  • Scenario training
  • Analysis of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities
  • Working abroad
  • Working at events
  • Working for celebrities
  • Pointers for the industry and the work itself
  • Equipment and apps

Each subject will be covered in detail. During the training, there is no high speed driving, no shooting and no physical training. The course is designed for serious executive protection officers who want to take their skills to the next level. The knowledge you gain will give you a better idea of the international private sector requirements. You will be better prepared to respond to the needs of clients and keep them safe and satisfied.

Practical information

Participants of the advanced training often have done the Dutch basic SVPB course already. This certificate is not a requirement to participate in the advanced training, but to increase your chances of getting the work in the Netherlands we recommend it.

Course participants are, for example, executive or security drivers who want to broaden their knowledge, security officers who protect artists and/or (ultra) high-net-worth families and former military or former police officers who are in the process of occupational resettlement.

Training: Executive Protection (advanced)
Previous degree: Persoonsbeveiliging - SVPB (not required yet recommended)
Language: English
Instructors: Dutch Qualified EP officers with extensive international experience
No. of participants: 8 persons maximum
No. of days: 7
Starting date: Second half of 2022
Investment: € 3,000.- (Incl. VAT)
Certificate: Certificate of participation

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