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Although damage resulting from of cargo theft has been decreasing for a few years, transport security remains essential. The reasons for the decrease are, amongst other things, adequate transport security services and closer cooperation between the public and private domain. Predominantly in the South of The Netherlands, cargo theft and even stealing entire lorries is a major crime. People primarily look for trucks with apparel and electronics, but any valuable cargo can be a target. Therefore Infinite Risks has developed procedures to prevent theft of cargo and lorries, and to create peace of mind for you and your staff.

Cargo security escort  from starting point to destination

Valuable products and important documents have an increased focus on security when transported throughout the world. Infinite Risks secures high-value transports from their starting point to their final destination. We can also provide ad-hoc security services starting at a predesignated meeting point. A security officer can also join you in your vehicle if this is what you prefer. We can secure your cargo for all forms of transportation; by land, air, or sea.

Route planning

Before our transport security officers start their escort, we carry out a route analysis based on the received information. We list various issues, such as safe parking areas, mobile network coverage, and road works. We also map out emergency services on this route so that our operations center can immediately call on them in the event of an alarm.

Secure transport and cargo escorts – domestic and abroad

Whether operating domestically or abroad, Infinite Risks uses vehicles that have been specifically equipped with navigation tools, communication equipment, GPS car-tracking systems, and built-in camera equipment. In the event of an incident, our security officers will immediately contact the emergency services and our operations center, who will subsequently alert local authorities and predetermined contact persons. We will also ensure your transport’s safety when your employees are resting. You will receive a final report from us after each transport security operation.

Our transport security officers

Our security officers all have experience working for the Dutch Ministry of Defense or the Dutch National Police. They have specific skillsets, such as:

  • Medical skills
  • Advanced driver training
  • In-house transport security officer training
  • TAPA FSR trainer certificate

Additionally, they conduct a yearly in-house refresher training and are selected based on their passion for long-distance driving and their knowledge of the road network.

When should you use transport security?

Sometimes companies run a higher risk of theft, but other times you simply do not want certain goods to fall into the hands of criminals. Below, we have listed several situations in which companies use transport security:

  • Transport during business relocation
  • Transport of high-value pieces from a museum
  • Transport of valuable jewelry
  • Transport of medical goods
  • Transport of valuable documents
  • Transport of expensive clothing
  • Transport of expensive electronic products

In addition to the above-mentioned services, we offer the following services:

  • TAPA FSR audit (Transported Asset Protection Association)
  • Review of an existing transport security plan
  • Vehicle tracking & tracing
  • Static security services
  • Investigative services (staff screening, covert surveillance, and fraud investigation)
  • Security-awareness training for your staff

For more information about transport security services or to request a quotation, please call:  +31 20 369 7499 or contact us via our website.



Every project is different. That is why we deliver tailor-made security solutions for the corporate and private market.