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Private school security in the Netherlands

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Over the last five years, the increased desire to offer children a sheltered learning environment has nearly doubled the number of private schools in The Netherlands to over 60 institutions. Parents want the best for their children. In all areas. As far as education is concerned, smaller classrooms, highly-educated teachers, excellent guidance, the best facilities, private school security and a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities prepare young persons to concur the world.

It might not surprise you that safety is also a primary concern when choosing a particular school. Although shooting incidents in schools are scarce in the Netherlands, stabbing and fighting incidents have increased over the last couple of years. In fact, the Dutch government is currently working on a law to prohibit the sales to and the possession of knives by children.

Studies show that children who feel safe perform better. Therefore, safety is a concern for any school. You might think that hiring a few security guards will do the trick. Sorry, it is more complicated than that. There is plenty school management can accomplish themselves to keep students, teachers, and staff safe. In some areas, a professional security company can help out. Discover how in this article.

Private school security: what can you do?

Protecting and educating children is the intrinsic drive of every teacher. The safety of children is one of their main concerns. Their continuous plea for small(er) classes comes from their understanding that personal attention enhances the achievements of pupils and students. It will also increase their sense of security.

Children who are understood and respected offer that in return to teachers and each other. And at home. This spiraling effect makes it easier for private or smaller schools to stick to school rules. Digital security also increases with trust and a combination of rules and responsibility. Creating a safe environment makes children share their problems more quickly, preventing any form of escalation.

The sense of safety also grows when everyone in the school is aware of any possible threat and understands what to do in a crisis situation. Examples of potential risks include a fire, a medical emergency, a protest riot or a kidnap. Have you conducted a fire drill recently? Does everyone know where the first aid kit is or how to contact emergency services? What roles are identified when a child does not turn up for school on time? And what is the protocol when protesters pass the school with rebellious behavior or someone with a gun enters the school?

How can a professional security company help out?

The above-mentioned basic principles of security will decrease the need for children to act extremely in an attempt to make themselves heard or take part in activities that could harm themselves or others. It will also take care of necessary procedures to protect the school in the case of an emergency.

A professional company in keeping people safe can help your school in two ways.

Assessment, security systems and training

  • When you want to devise a security protocol, update it, or prepare for your accreditation, consider hiring a professional security agency to conduct an assessment. This will provide insights into your strengths and weaknesses as well as the required measures for your school to operate safely at all times.
  • Security systems come in various shapes and sizes. We can advise you on and recommend certain access control systems or CCTV and monitoring systems.
  • Training security awareness, and how to act in the case of an emergency will keep your staff alert and skilled at all times.

Uniformed or covert protection officers

Our protection officers can operate both in a covert or public way. With covert protection, we can act as an extension of your staff and operate from a distance. Alternatively, visible protection works better as a defense mechanism to unwanted intruders.

More information about private school security

The approach we advise and the services we provide depend on your situation and requirements. Infinite Risks has a proven track record of assisting companies, institutions, and individuals all over the world in their security issues. If you would like to talk to a professional about your situation, please reach out to us.