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Covert surveillance

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Our covert surveillance officers gather evidence for you legally

As part of investigations, overt and covert surveillance are among the services we offer. They can be very effective in collecting information about persons, groups, companies, or organizations when you want to uncover criminal offenses, illegal activities or find a missing person. However, covert and overt surveillance differ in execution and techniques.

Covert surveillance versus overt surveillance

Overt means ‘unconcealed’ or ‘plain to see’, whereas covert means ‘not openly displayed’. The method used applies to the subject’s awareness or knowledge. For instance, when you step into a casino, you know that cameras follow visitors everywhere they go. This is a form of overt surveillance. Examples of covert surveillance is being followed by a well-trained covert surveillance team or hidden cameras in an office building to catch an employee stealing, only permissible under certain circumstances.

There is something to be said for both forms. However, this article focuses on covert surveillance only.

Dynamic surveillance versus static surveillance

There is another distinction to be aware of when it comes to covert surveillance operations - dynamic versus static.

  • Dynamic surveillance means; monitoring a moving subject or object, with a covert surveillance team on foot, by motorbike, in a vehicle or public transport
  • Static surveillance means; covertly monitoring a subject or object from a static position. This can be done on foot (short term) or in vehicles, buildings or rural hides (long term)

A mix of both can be applied during a surveillance operation.

Dutch legislation dictates that covert private investigations are only allowed under certain circumstances:

  • There must be a justified interest
  • Subjects may only be followed and filmed on public roads not on private property
  • The tactics and technologies used during the investigation must be proportionate and, moreover, be applied as briefly and specifically as possible

There are exceptions, please contact us for more information on this topic.

We gather evidence legally

With covert surveillance, we help individual clients and organizations investigate their problems with their (business) relations, clients, or staff members. Examples include fraud investigations for insurance companies or business administrations, blackmail and threats.

Fraud, theft, threats, blackmail, and integrity issues can hugely impact you financially and mentally. They may also damage your personal or company reputation, which in turn often leads to a subsequent impact on costs and mental health.

Our team uses various approaches and techniques, from sophisticated equipment to open source intelligence (OSINT) and from covert surveillance operations to professional interrogations. The objective is to obtain proof for a confrontation or gather evidence that can be used in court.

Professional approach

The approach we advise and the type of surveillance services we provide depend entirely on your situation and requirements. No two cases are alike. We are here to help you when you find yourself in despair and have tried everything imaginable yourself, but also when you have a sneaking suspicion. Our help can prevent or decrease damages and costs.

Infinite Risks is very experienced in assisting companies, institutions, and high-net-worth individuals all over the world in their security and trust issues. If you would like to talk to a professional about your situation, please get in touch with us.