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Secure ground transportation

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Are you visiting the Netherlands from abroad? Unfortunately, not everyone is accustomed to using public transportation or uses a cab comfortably when visiting a foreign country. Hiring a trusted security company has offered our clients from all over the world mobility, safety and comfort. There are several reasons to leave your secure ground transportation to the professionals.

  • Security: some politicians, business travellers, celebrities, etc., cannot always move around in public places freely due to their fame or reputation.
  • Medical issues: finding your way in a foreign country can be most challenging when you have medical issues. We have guided clients who suffer illnesses and disorders, ranging from people with physical disabilities in a wheelchair to heart problems and phobias.
  • Practical luxury: not having to find your way around yourself after your plane lands can also be very comfortable (and a big relief). Let us take care of your mobility, so you have extra time to relax or prepare for a business meeting.

Secure ground transportation

In our line of business, we know that clients are most vulnerable when ‘en route’. This applies everywhere in the world. Especially if you do not know your way around, the new impressions of a strange country and its people divert your attention from your safety. Whether your want to or not.

When you do not have to worry about laying low, finding the shortest or safest route while keeping an eye on your luggage, and getting somewhere in time, you can focus on other things. Like enjoying the surroundings, relaxing after a long-haul flight, or preparing your speech for the convention.

Security driver

A professional security driver is more than an excellent driver. This person is trained as a personal protection officer who understands how to keep clients safe in any circumstance. Also when itineraries suddenly change or when the threat level increases. That means your driver knows the region well, can instantly divert from the planned route, and has excellent knowledge of the car’s capacities.

Pre-trip preparation

Your secure ground transportation always starts with an detailed risk assessment. This means we analyze your entire trip on any possible threats. The service itself is customized accordingly and can be altered instantly if the circumstances ask for it.

Personal assistant

Your driver is backed up by an entire organization. When on the road, your driver or a colleague can check in your flight, pick up your dry cleaning, book a hotel room or make reservations for a private dining party.

Medical assistance

All drivers are trained to provide first aid and CPR and know how to contact authorities if necessary. Some security chauffeurs have advanced medical training. They can accompany disabled persons and patients with heart problems or other illnesses.

Armored cars

When the assessment shows your risk level is high, we can also arrange armored transportation.

We move to meet your goals

Infinite Risks security drivers are individuals with excellent driving and protective skills. Our security drivers are continiously trained and are all former military or police officers. They are multilingual, agile, and very service-oriented. Consider our security driver as your personal protector, bringing you from A to B so you can reach your goals and feel as comfortable as you can.

Our secure ground transportation services are always customized to your needs. So give us a call at +31 (0)20-3697499 and let us know what we can do for you.