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Cybercrime is a growing form of crime. As both companies and private individuals use devices, software, and applications connected to the internet more and more, the options for criminals have not only increased, but they are also incredibly diverse. The demand for digital security is growing just as fast.

What is cybercrime exactly?

Computer crime is another word for cybercrime. It includes all forms of crime and abuse involving a computer and/or the internet. We discern:

  • Breaking into computers and systems
  • Retrieving and copying confidential data
  • Illegally altering or deleting data
  • Disabling or disconnecting computers and systems
  • Malicious digital help desk to illegally gain access to someone's computer or account
  • Spreading viruses, spyware or malware
  • Threatening, extorting, blackmailing, and bullying via e-mail or social media

Online digital security

Digital security includes doing everything possible to keep your computers, networks, mobile devices, data servers, etc. safe. Digital security, another word for cybersecurity, includes various means and measures a professional security company can provide.

  • Overall IT check at home and in the office: we check your e-mail, passwords, social media, devices, network systems and vulnerabilities
  • Cyber risk management: periodic checks of your e-mail, passwords, social media, devices, and network systems
  • Screening for fake social media profiles and removing them if necessary
  • Removing your privacy-sensitive information from the internet and continue to monitor whether new information is added. It is not always easy to remove information from the web yourself.
  • Recommendations for social media posts to minimize both online and physical security risks and avoid reputation damage or liability
  • Providing security awareness training for you and your employees on what to look out for to avoid becoming a cybercrime victim
  • Dark web scans for information about your person or organization
  • Online investigation in the case you are threatened, extorted or stalked

If you are being threatened online, we strongly advise you to get help. With proper investigation, the criminal can be exposed so law enforcement agencies can take action. Either way, an investigation collects evidence for a lawsuit.

Online safety affects everyone, and developments follow each other rapidly. Let us answer your questions about digital security. We are here to keep you safe online. Contact us today for more information about our digital security services.



Every project is different. That is why we deliver tailor-made security solutions for the corporate and private market.