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Executive protection for VIPs and business executives

Executive protection, what does it mean? It is a protection service that predominantly focuses on a single person who is prone to high risks due to their work, fame, wealth, location, or social status.

The objective with executive protection services is to assess the potential risks continuously and keep the client safe by installing security measures and close or personal protection. If there is one protection service that is customized, it is this one. Here’s why.

Executive protection services for your specific requirements

Persons with a high profile stand out from the rest, willingly or unwillingly. For instance, a royal family member is born into a community that requires them to think twice about every move they make. Not only literally when going from place to place, but also what information they share with the world, what they wear, where they go on holiday, and which jobs they accept (not every member of the royal family is a sovereign).

Similarly, this applies to a well-known person as well, such as a performing artist, singer, fashion designer, professional athlete, etc. These people do not only need someone to protect them from harm (attacks, kidnap, etc.) but also to provide guidance in choices that may affect their image.

Another category of persons is the group that wants to stay out of the public eye at all costs. Reasons imaginable include their wealth, their position, or location. For example, think of a  judge or lawyer in a high-criminal case or an Ultra High-Net-Worth Individual (UHNWI) and their family members.

Most of our services are devoted to business executives who face a unique combination of risks. That is exactly why executive protection requires our flexible approach, full attention, and continuous analytical skills.

Business and personal affairs intertwined

Executive protection services do not run from 9 to 5. Nor do they concentrate on the single person who is most at risk. Attacks, blackmail, kidnap, assaults, etc., are more often planned meticulously, with criminals finding an opportunity in the life of their suspects. Our job is to analyze these opportunities and mitigate or take away the risks to keep our clients safe.

We know that the persons in our client’s inner circle (family members, friends, and colleagues) may also be exposed to the risk, which makes some risk assessments quite complicated. It is because of this network that protection services always require a unique approach.

Customized approach

Our protection officers are all former government, certified, bi-lingual, and highly skilled.

Our customized approach brings you the safety you need. Services may include:

How may we help you?

If you are not sure about the severity of a potential risk you run, please feel free to contact us for a risk assessment. During a conversation, we will ask you relevant questions uncovering potential risks. Then, after further investigation, we offer you adequate advice and, if necessary, propose the required actions to lower the risks or protect you accordingly.

We welcome you to contact us for a comprehensive assessment or for any question you may have.