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Infinite Risks provides intelligent, discreet, and effective security solutions for you and your family when exposed to risks. Family security is an integral part of family security management.

In addition to financial and cybersecurity, security for the family (in the form of personal protection) and your property are also major concerns. Clients who consider this form of protection include wealthy families (UHNWI), family businesses, ex-pat families, and families where one or more persons have a high public profile. Think of performing artists, professional athletes, singers, presenters, people working in the media industry, and politicians.

Keeping your family safe requires a step-by-step process that carefully considers your personal situation and your needs. Services include protection when working from your office or home, during business trips, holidays, or performing on stage.

Find out how individual services or a combination of the solutions below can protect you. We want to emphasize the essence of hiring a security company with an interest in finding a balance between security measures and the least possible intrusion of your privacy.

Family safety risk analysis

The foundation of excellent, tailor-made family security is a risk analysis. We require detailed information to determine what risks your situation is exposed to and advise you about the best measures to take. That is why we start with:

  • An interview about your personal situation and needs
  • Technical analysis of the current security measures of your assets (technical security check)
  • Analysis of social media and the internet (online safety check)

With the outcome, we will advise you on the best security strategy for you and your family. Based on our experience, we discern four methods of family risk management:

1. Basic family security

  • Security awareness training for adults, children, and domestic staff
  • Implementation support of technical or physical measures to protect the property based on the property analysis
  • Appointing a 24/7 security, safety, and crisis coordinator
  • Monitoring existing suppliers in the security field

2. Protective measures

3. Protective measures for increased threats

4. Crisis management

  • Coordinating relevant security measures in high-risk situations (extortion, threats, blackmail)
  • Crisis team coordination of initial and subsequent measures
  • Forensic measures to identify perpetrators and preserve evidence, e.g., in the case of threatening calls, blackmail letters, and product or brand abuse
  • On-site team coordination, if managing a crisis team is required in other cities or countries
  • Contact/intermediary for the existing security services to safeguard your interests effectively and permanently

Unlimited family security package

At Infinite Risks, we believe that building a close working relationship with you makes it easier to scale up or down our assistance. But more importantly, if we know your situation and stay in touch with you throughout the year, emergency consultation will only take minutes rather than hours, allowing us to act immediately.

That is why we have composed an unlimited family protection package that enables us to keep up-to-date on your situation at all times and guarantees to intervene immediately or to adapt to your needs if necessary.

  • Family risk management: identify and monitor your family risks
  • IT security and social media monitoring: securing information, monitoring false profiles, etc.
  • Screening of persons in and around the family
  • Technical security measures, including checking and managing security systems in the home or monitoring third parties, with, e.g., camera systems, alarm follow-up actions, mobile surveillance, and fencing.
  • Annual (travel) security awareness or driving skills training for family members
  • Personal security in the form of protective surveillance (covert), close protection (overt), security drivers or travel security.

We offer the above-mentioned services separately or in a package. Please contact us for the options and a personal offer.

Feel free to ask us your questions

As a Dutch security company, we have been working for various clients around the world for many years. We know that with families, especially with children, we have to work carefully to invade your privacy as little as possible without compromising your security. We understand that loyalty, trust, integrity, and reliability are core values you look for in a family security organization.

Do you feel unsafe due to your public role or function? Have you been threatened, blackmailed, or stalked? Or do you suspect that you are being tapped? Do you travel around the world frequently or work in high-risk areas? And do you want to keep yourself, your family, and your assets safe?

Find out what we can do for your situation with family security. For more information or to request a quotation, please call: +31 20 3697499 or contact us via our website.



Every project is different. That is why we deliver tailor-made security solutions for the corporate and private market.