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Risk management

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Before providing a specific service or advice, it is important to identify the risks for you as an individual or for your organization. By analyzing these risks, we can create a safety plan for your situation. We can use this plan to minimize and monitor risks. This service is called risk management.

Security risk assessment

The Infinite Risks risk assessment is a necessary objective investigation. We will list the risks for your organization and, subsequently, classify their impact on your daily work activities. Once the risks have been analyzed, we will recommend the (proportional) measures required to minimize and monitor your risks. Of course, we will always maintain a proper balance between these measures and the risks to minimize the impact on your work activities.

From risk management to security measures

Has your front-desk employee been trained in security awareness or first aid? What will you do in the event of an emergency? How will you ensure your business continuity in the case of an internet or electricity outage? After the risk analysis has been completed, our security consultants will map out which (security) measures suit you or your organization best.

These measures could include the following:

  • Security consultancy and training
  • Organizational measures
  • Structural measures
  • Electronic measures
  • Physical measures

We can also create effective security plans and utilize effective measures for people and organizations subjected to high threat levels and risks. Several examples include:

Our services do not stop once the risks have been listed and effective measures have been implemented and evaluated. At your request, we can regularly test if the measures are still adequate (red teaming) or conduct audits.

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