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Threat investigation

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Verbal, physical, written, and online threats are liable to punishment. It may start very subtly, but if you do not address or counteract intimidation and threats immediately, by conducting a threat investigation, the situation may escalate.

For companies and organizations, threats can occur in the form of corruption, bribery, blackmail, or extortion. For example, internally among employees, within the supply chain (by suppliers or customers) or externally by criminals. The employee involved usually wants to keep the threat a secret because of involvement or shame. Or because the consequences may impact the organization or others in his or her environment. Threats are difficult to prove, especially when evidence is concealed or destroyed.

Threat investigation prevents injuries and damage

By nipping threats in the bud as early as possible, you can prevent possible injuries to people and damage to property and buildings. We discern three motives for initiating a company threat investigation:

  • To find out the motive for the threat
  • To reveal the person or organization behind the threat
  • To collect evidence

Threats do not stop by themselves

It is our experience that threats do not stop automatically. The primary reason is that they still seem to pay off in one way or another, and victims are often too afraid to report them. Looking into the motive, perpetrator, or evidence yourself can unintentionally stir things up and ruin the investigation. By involving professionals, you can act discreetly and stop the threat without too much damage.

Professional assistance

Although your situation will undoubtedly differ from previous cases, we have worked on, identifying your specific circumstances will be similar, as it is always the first step in our thorough investigation. Next, we analyze the risks and advise you on the possible measures and activities to achieve the goal. During further investigative efforts, we use various online and offline techniques. These include monitoring online activities, internal systems, and communications, as well as conducting interviews, surveillance and technical means such as monitoring people's movements via GPS.

Our customized service enables a flexible and creative approach. That is exactly what we need to get results. Please feel free to contact us for more information.



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