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Residential security in the Netherlands

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Residential security in the Netherlands

We believe residential security in the Netherlands should consist of multiple parts: advice, security measures, and personal protection. People with average risk (for example, burglary) often know how to find a company that helps with advice on a home alarm system, camera surveillance and solid lock and key fittings.

But what if you have been scammed or threatened and your aggressor knows where you live? How can you best protect your family if you are a celebrity or (ultra) high-net-worth individual? How do you keep your art collection, exclusive cars or thoroughbreds safe? Suppose you are having a party in the garden of your home and want to keep uninvited guests out. Or you go on a business trip for a month or an extended vacation. Who can protect the house in your absence?

What measures or services will secure your property and ensure you always feel safe in your own home?

Residential protection

Safe living is a sum of several measures. It is not just about heavy fencing and surveillance cameras. For burglaries, it is always a matter of making it as difficult as possible for thieves. Visible measures are a deterrent. Indeed, these include camera surveillance and an alarm system.

However, we know from experience that scammers and criminals have tried to make their move from the inside of some of our clients' homes. They try to get in touch with you (in person or digitally) and establish a (business) relationship. This way, they can plot a robbery, kidnap or theft while you subconsciously provide them with all the relevant information to do so.

Security advice for home security

Our advice for home security, therefore, always consists of several rings:

  • Outer ring: the outer ring includes inspection and advice on everything outside the house. Think of a gate, fencing, a guard dog, camera surveillance and alarm systems.
  • Middle ring: everything on and attached to your house falls under the middle ring. We inspect and advise on locks, in-house cameras and bulletproof glass.
  • Inner ring: because people usually feel secure enough only with the outer and middle ring, there is little attention for professional guidance for the inner ring. Consider object security (alarm system for specific objects, for example, art or jewelry), cyber security (all devices that connect to the Internet), a saferoom and screening of your staff.

Security measures for your house

Various measures and resources are available for all protective rings around your residence. A commonly available alarm system may not be adequate for some homes. Infinite Risks knows what quality systems are available on the market to meet your security requirements.

We make an inventory of your wishes, analyze your situation, and offer you targeted advice. This advice consists of a plan for security measures, and we will help you implement these measures. For example, we can screen a new staff member, create a safe room in your home, alarm response and provide security awareness training to your family or house staff to recognize suspicious situations or to deal with crisis situations.

Personal protection

Personal protection is here to protect you in threatening situations and to ensure the safety of you and your guests during an event or your belongings during your absence.

Our certified professionals are trained in the elite defense or police units. They speak multiple languages and work for clients all over the world. Infinite Risks can assist you with:

Residential security services

Residential security requires a customized approach, similar to all our security services. We gladly schedule an appointment with you to find out about your needs. If you require any further information about our company or our staff, please feel free to contact us immediately. We look forward to explaining how we can be of service.