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Penetration testing

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The concept for ‘Red Teaming' or penetration testing originates from the US Army. Its purpose was to test the defense state. The red team pretended to be the enemy and simulated an attack on armed forces the blue team. This way, the army commander could assess the strategy and adjust it if necessary.

For organizations, red teaming, also known as penetration testing, is crucial. Are all people properly instructed, and do they work according to requirements and expectations? Is your staff reliable? Are your systems watertight? Can someone penetrate your computer system and cause damage? Or can a person enter your premises unauthorized? Also important, how do your defenses (people and systems) react if a disaster does occur?

An outsider with a fresh view

Every organization finds it difficult to assess its own performance objectively. Just answering the question 'What risks do I or does my organization run?' is often easier for an outsider because they have no blinders.

As a professional organization in security, Infinite Risks has experience in detecting the weaknesses of various individuals and organizations. We know where to look for further bottlenecks and how to test these best.

Our approach in penetration testing

Detecting risks is the first step in the process, followed by a penetration test, literally. We plan an 'attack' (digital and/or physical) to see how your systems and the people within your organization react. An analysis and penetration test is always customized and can include the following steps:

  • Research into your person or organization via public sources OSINT (open source intelligence)
  • Investigate possibilities of unauthorized digital access through, for example, phishing e-mails, contacting fake e-mail addresses (spoofing), hacking or sending your staff digital media such as USB-sticks.
  • Investigate the possibilities of unauthorized physical access, for example, by contacting your staff, forging documentation, or illegally acquire access passes or codes.

Penetration testing results

Your main objective for carrying out a penetration test is to learn where your weaknesses are, how your current security works, and what areas could use some improvement. In addition, red teaming offers the following benefits:

  • Broaden your knowledge of digital and physical security in general
  • Learning opportunity for employees how they deal with a threat and how they react in the event of a calamity
  • Better-be-safe-than-sorry measures before criminal organizations actually harm you
  • You will receive advice on measures and facilities that can improve your situation
  • Your employees grow to be more security aware

Our clients

Our clients include multinationals, diplomats and wealthy families. We have experience analyzing the security for a wide range of organizations, from physical production processes to digital services.

For more information on pentration testing and what we can do for your situation, please feel free to contact us.



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