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Travel safety training

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People travel to all corners of the globe, often without travel safety training or other security-related preparations. Most travels go well, but there are plenty of stories of tourists being robbed or kidnapped. With adequate safety training, you can make sure that you, or your employees, will travel with the necessary knowledge and skills to recognize and reduce risks.

For this reason, Infinite Risks has designed a two-day travel safety training to prepare travelers wherever they go. Our seasoned security consultants with extensive experience in high-risk countries will provide the training. They gained experience in places such as South America, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Did you know your employees can hold you liable if you take insufficient precautions to safeguard their safety during their business travels?

Before the travel safety training starts

Before we start with the training, it is important to establish if there are policies and procedures in place, what the destinations are, what the purpose of the traveling activity is, and what the traveling duration will be. Only this way, we can customize the training, because each country has its customs, do’s, and don’ts.

During the training

We will cover the following topics during the training:

  • Pre-travel planning & risk analysis
  • Country-specific briefing
  • Situational awareness & personal security
  • Recognizing and reducing risks
  • Health and basic medical skills
  • Transportation during the stay
  • Security during the stay on location
  • Crisis planning and communication
  • Information security
  • Dealing with disaster, criminality, aggression and terrorism
  • Stress management
  • Useful equipment

We can provide the safety training at your location or at our premises near Amsterdam. We can also extend the training with:

  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
  • Working with security teams on location
  • Defensive driving and escape training
  • Medical training
  • Surveillance detection and counter-surveillance training

The travel safety training can also be given specifically to:

  • Backpackers/students/ Gap year travelers
  • Female travelers
  • Sports fans

For more information about a travel  or security awareness training or to request a quotation, please call: +31 20 369 7499 or contact us via our website.



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