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Bodyguard services in Amsterdam

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Security driver or bodyguard services in Amsterdam?

You are planning a trip to Amsterdam but because of all the bad news about terrorist attacks and organized crime in Europe you become a bit anxious. How big is the threat? Can you walk the streets on your own at night? Do I need a bodyguard or a security driver? Important questions to ask yourself. Infinite Risks can help you with these questions and advice you on the current threat level and the measures you can take to mitigate these risks. So what is better? A security driver or bodyguard services in Amsterdam?

Pre-planning your trip

Before traveling to Amsterdam, finding a reliable Dutch private security company should be your top priority. It is important to ask the security company about their experience, the personnel they use, their insurance and official (security) licenses. During this phase of the project a reliable security company will ask you important questions as well to analyse your risks and advice you about the services they recommend. In almost all cases a security driver is the best option in Amsterdam. It’s very comfortable, safe, low profile and stress-free. Walking around in Amsterdam with a full personal security detail will draw unnecessary attention because it’s not common in the Netherlands. However, if in some cases a security detail is needed, we can provide a covert protection team to provide the safety you need, but in such a way, it does not draw unwanted attention.

High-end bodyguard services in Amsterdam

If you contact Infinite Risks to provide a security driver or bodyguard services in Amsterdam, you will not only get the high-end service you deserve, you will have one point of contact during the entire project and access to concierge/ VIP lifestyle management services in Amsterdam and surrounding cities.

Our security drivers and bodyguards

For our security driver and bodyguard services in Amsterdam we only use the best personnel available. Our security drivers and bodyguards are indispensable in the execution of the above mentioned services. They are former members of Dutch specialized police- and military units and have years of experience in delivering high-end protective services in the Netherlands and abroad. We are also able to provide female and multilingual security drivers and bodyguards in Amsterdam. Our personnel have been screened and they possess all the necessary certificates and licenses to work in the Netherlands and abroad.

Our close protection & family security services:

For more information concerning security drivers, family protection services or bodyguard services in Amsterdam or to request a proposal, please call: +31203697499 or contact us via our website.


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