Predictive Profilers

Recent research has shown that not all security officers are suitable to function as predictive profilers. They must possess special and specific qualities in order to perform this function. Infinite Risks takes this very seriously, which is why our profilers are not always security officers. Predictive profilers are employed to recognise unusual behaviour in the preparatory phases of criminal or terroristic activities. They can also use intelligent and customer-friendly intervention techniques to disrupt or stop these activities in their early stages.

Proactiveness is the foundation of any predictive profiler’s work. This means that they act preventively instead of reactively. This is the core difference between the more generalised security officer and predictive profilers. This does not mean that proactive security officers do not exist, but rather, that their working methods differ and that they have been educated with different goals in mind.

It is important that there is a good management team behind each predictive profiler, which understands the working method and implements it in daily activities, in order to map out all daily activities and interventions with the aim of gaining a good overview of the current situation. Processing this information can lead to the early spotting of criminal or terrorist activities and can provide long-term protection from financial, emotional and physical damage for the company.

Predictive profiling services that we can offer

Infinite Risks can offer the following predictive profiling services for your organisation:

  • Supplying knowledge of predictive profiling within your organisation
  • The implementation of predictive profiling procedures in your organisation
  • Training of your management team
  • Supplying predictive profilers
  • Red teaming

Our predictive profilers

For some functions, it has been shown that one predictive profiler can replace up to three regular security officers in terms of effectiveness. This means that, in addition to work being conducted more effectively, costs are also saved for your organisation.

The Infinite Risks predictive profilers always meet the following requirements:

  • Selected according to; the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research TNO study: Profiler Competencies
  • Completed the post-HBO educational programme Predictive Profiling
  • Completed the Security Profiler educational program
  • Executes red-teaming assignments
  • Multilingual and strong communication skills
  • Proactive and involved

We can also supply predictive profilers with first-aid and in-house emergency-situation certification.

In addition to the abovementioned demands, our predictive profilers are involved in return classes each year, and are regularly tested on their alertness through audits and red-teaming exercises.

For more information concerning hiring a predictive profiler or to request a proposal, please call: +31297305000 or contact us via our website.


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