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Is Rotterdam safe? Let a high-quality security company assess your risks

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Rotterdam is the city known for being the most important European port, providing nearly 200,000 jobs for the hardworking middle-class both in logistics and various factories. With its universities, the city has a buzzing student life, and while many of them stay on in Rotterdam, the city knows a large number of start-ups. The impressive skyline houses long-standing businesses and very expensive penthouses. No wonder, the age group of 25 through 45 is represented highest. So, is Rotterdam Safe?

The diversity is exceptionally high. Work, study, and leisure attract the Dutch from smaller towns, foreigners to settle themselves for business opportunities, and travelers from all over the world.

This melting pot offers an abundance of opportunities, yet it also poses risks. If you plan to visit Rotterdam for a short period or are thinking of settling in, you might want to check out how safe Rotterdam is for your goals and purposes.

If you would like to understand and anticipate your safety threats, ask Infinite Risks to assess your situation. Discover the high-quality protection services we offer.

Is Rotterdam safe for your situation?

When starting with the analysis in assessing your safety risks, we always consider the goals you have when staying in Rotterdam. As a professional protection agency, we believe that offering high-quality services is the only way to protect you, your family, staff, and assets. Comparably, our high standard also applies to provide you with sensible advice on staying safe when your personal situation is known to us.

For example, if you have confidential business meetings as a high-profile CEO, chairman of the board, or managing director, your stay in Rotterdam requires a low profile approach. Personal security, safe transportation, and residential security will be organized with the utmost discretion.

Alternatively, if you are a performing artist, your job is to be the center of attention. In this case, only a part of your protection is low profile. When appearing in a crowd, your personal protection is publicly visible. That does not mean this approach of security is any less discreet.

High-quality security services in Rotterdam

Infinite Risks is proud to serve clients from all over the world, from celebrities to C-Suite level executives and from expatriates to diplomats. The VIP-treatment is included in all our approaches, yet the operation may differ due to personal requirements and wishes.

Please give us a call and tell us about your plans. During our conversation, you can indicate your requirements, so we can advise you and quote you on a tailor-made solution.

Our protection services may include:

International experience

Every single person working for Infinite Risks is a certified security officer, with a military or police background and speaks multiple languages. They apply their skills and intelligence in every assessment and on-the-job situation.

With our international experience, we understand that people from all over the world act differently and require different services. Thanks to this experience, our staff knows how to adapt to your needs and act flexibly when itineraries or plans change.

Would you like to learn more about our security services in Rotterdam, please feel free to contact us.