Event security

At festival, sport events, concerts or even small-scale weddings, adequate security revolves around proper preparation. Each event is unique. Therefore, it is important to share all important information during an introductory meeting, and subsequently create a safety plan that includes all involved parties. This safety plan must meet all the demands that have been outlined by the government regarding event security. Amongst other things, the plan provides insight into how calamities will be dealt with. On top of that, it describes the care taken for the safe gathering and moving of crowds and the important aspects of mobility management. From the request of the permit to the delivery of the final report, Infinite Risks will guide you through the process and provide advice, ensuring that risks are kept to an absolute minimum.

Our personnel for event security

An important feature of any event is its atmosphere. If people are given a warm welcome upon arrival, and are led through the safety protocol competently and with as little hassle as necessary, this has a significant impact on their behaviour at the event itself. On top of that, the atmosphere can be protected by proactively and politely approaching individuals who are disrupting order at the event. Our security officers have the proper background and professional, well-kept appearances.

On top of being able to provide security officers, we can supply the following supplementary services for events:

Our event protection agents can be used for the following:

  • Red-carpet events
  • Fashion shows
  • Premieres
  • (Dance) parties
  • Festivals
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Corporate parties
  • Trade fairs
  • Weddings
  • Funerals

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